Mark Tranmer
Mark Tranmer

Mark Tranmer | Further Woodland [Vertical Features, VF 050]

Ten piano-led instrumentals.

Instruments played live in the studio by Mark Tranmer (The Montgolfier Brothers, gnac), who has also worked with Alessandra Celletti and Ian Masters. Written and Recorded 2013-2015. Instruments include: pianos, e-bow guitars, bass synthesiser. Some tracks also feature treated samples recorded in the North of England, The Scottish Highlands, and the Swiss Canton of Ticino.

Artwork is by Timothy O'Donnell (4AD &


1. Woodland [6:02]
2. False Promises [6:05]
3. Ochre Leaves Allure [4:43]
4. Crossing Points [6:47]
5. Thicket [1:46]
6. Aggregate [1:57]
7. This Jigsaw of Death [2:41]
8. Squabbles [2:12]
9. Further Woodland [3:43]
10. Beyond Those Hills, The Sea [5:43]

The CD is in a matt-finish digi-pack.


This album from former gnac main person Mark Tranmer enters a crowded world of ivories but the opening tune 'Woodland' has got me pretty much spellbound. The rolling piano chords are beautiful and the elegance of the tune has me looking at the thesaurus for alternative words for beauty. Oh! that was lovely.

'False Promises' has the stabbing lush piano style that Brian Wilson used in his late '60's early '70's home compositions, watery and gorgeous.

This insanely relaxing style continues on 'Crossing Points' which reminds me of some of the compositions on the still brilliant Gastr Del Sol 'Camofleur' album. Comparison could also be made to 'Rock Bottom'-era Robert Wyatt.

Some of these pieces have knocked me for six and have relaxed me to a point that I just want to go home and sit by a tree for awhile. There's lovely field recordings here too which help achieve this overall sense of calm. This is melodious haunting music and finds Tranmer easily finding his own niche amongst the crowds.

(Norman Records)

Further Woodland - Bandcamp

Vinyl, CD and digital download available to buy via Bandcamp.

Further Woodland is also available as a digital download via iTunes UK.

Mark Tranmer | Further Woodland [Vertical Features VF 050]
Mark Tranmer | Further Woodland [Vertical Features VF 050]