Mark Tranmer
Mark Tranmer

gnac | Sevens [LTMCD 2477] | Mark Tranmer

Compilation of 7" singles and new tracks by gnac. Originally released as a 14 track album and re-released by LTM in 2007 with three additional hard-to-find tracks. New. Shrink Wrapped. LTM 2477 CD. Artwork by Roger Quigley (The Montgolfier Brothers).


1. Legrand Illusion [2:51]
2. The Broken Fall [4:04]
3. Armchair Thriller [5:30]
4. Another Fine Mess [6:06]
5. 1958 [3:18]
6. Difficult Loves [2:52]
7. A Tangle With... [3:38]
8. The Moustache [4:04]
9. Heliotrope [4:40]
10. Our Distance [4:53]
11. Ves 004 [4:13]
12. Soviet Bureau [4:49]
13. Repetition [3:38]
14. And Now It's So Much Colder [3:15]
15. The Man With A Laugh Like A Rusty Hinge [5:32]
16. Une Chanson Du Crepuscule (Twilight Version) [3:11]
17. Hennebert Sleeve (Twilight Version) [4:01]


"Compelling imaginary soundtracks, lovely liquid records. This 1999 collection now resurfaces in expanded form, adding singles and compilation cuts to its original if-John-Barry-was-French theme. Spellbinding highlights such as Legrand Illusion and Une Chanson du Crepuscule spell it out, but all else about this hanging, evocative music, which can make a single piano or guitar miniature echo an orchestra bringing the noir into a Melville film, is subtlety incarnate." **** (4/5) (Uncut, 03/2007)

"To describe gnac's music is much like trying to put Mark Rothko's ominous, floating canvases into some frame of reference along with the rest of the art world. Playful, childlike and innocent, but betraying a wholly adult creator in its darker timbres" (Record Collector, 03/2007)

"Immaculate" (Juke Box, 03/2007)

"An agreeably fragile introduction to the gnac sound, with plenty of wistful atmosphere and haunting reverb regardless of whether a song performed primarily on guitar or on piano. Highlights include The Broken Fall (a fine electric/acoustic guitar overdub), Armchair Thriller (a sedate Johny Barry-esque spy movie theme, vibes echoing into the distance) and A Tangle With (the combined feel of serenity and sadness is a wonder to behold)" (All Music Guide, 1999)

"He may be a statistics wizard by day, but at night Mark Tranmer forgets all about subtraction and multiple numbers to turn his hand to composing magical instrumental tracks - music that is rich, compelling and surprisingly emotional. No words are necessary: the music alone wraps itself around you like a gigantic, velvet cloak. Imagine a classical composer like Debussy trying to make his first pop record, or Michael Nyman adapting Drowning by Numbers for an easy listening crowd. That's the mysterious sound of gnac" (City Life, 1999)

"Intriguing, tasteful and understated, all chiming synths and electronic strings. Library music from a fictitious French 70's film?" (Record Collector, 05/1999)

"Gentle piano-led soundtracker with an ear for melody" (Jockey Slut, 03/1999)

"An ideal introduction to Tranmer's sound, an emotive soundtrack to a somewhat innocent brand of melancholia" (Leonard's Lair, 02/2007)

Sevens - Bandcamp

CD available to buy via Bandcamp.

gnac - Sevens
gnac - Sevens