Mark Tranmer
Mark Tranmer

gnac | The Arrival Of The Fog [LTMCD 2491] | Mark Tranmer

Released on LTM in 2007.


1. The Arrival Of The Fog
2. Nautical Episodes
3. Japanese Fiction
4. Vetchinsky Backdrop
5. Vertical Features
6. Horizontal Happiness
7. Winter Circus
8. What To Make Of Jagged Graphs
9. Examples Of Bad Driving
10. Cliques And Clusters

Bright Days In Winter

11. Bright Days In Winter
12. Winter Blanket


"Like a soundtrack to that cool arthouse film you never managed to see, this collection of mellow grooves includes the wonderful mock John Barry posturing in the title track and Bright Days In Winter, all plush electronic instrumentation and majestic yet tasteful melody, and a flirtation with the sophistication of ambient Gallic chill out grooves with Nautical Episodes" (The Scotsman, 12/2007)

The Arrival of the Fog - Bandcamp

CD available to buy via Bandcamp.

gnac - The Arrival Of The Fog
gnac - The Arrival Of The Fog