Mark Tranmer
Mark Tranmer

gnac | Twelve Sidelong Glances [LTMCD 2446] | Mark Tranmer

17-track album released in 2006 on LTM.


1. Spanish Winter
2. From Cougorge To Gougougnac
3. Observed Vs. Expected
4. Chenin Blanc
5. Perec's Beard
6. As Night Falls Upon Us
7. Midgley Moor
8. Twenty-Second Night
9. Brouillard
10. Telebanco
11. Rocky Road
12. Shinjuku Park
13. Vanessa Beecroft's Wedding
14. Green With Fright
15. The Struggle
16. Cold Flower
17. Obstacles Of Course

Artwork by Benoit Hennebert. The sleeve for 'Twelve Sidelong Glances' is based on the artwork for Paul Haig's 'The Only Truth' (Les Disques Du Crépuscule).

Twelve Sidelong Glances - Bandcamp

CD available to buy via Bandcamp.

gnac - Twelve Sidelong Glances
gnac - Twelve Sidelong Glances