Mark Tranmer
Mark Tranmer

Mark Tranmer & Alessandra Celletti The Red Pages/How Scarlet The Leaves

"The Red Pages" / "How Scarlet The Leaves" special 2CD package. Packaging designed by Timothy O'Donnell (4AD), assembled in Pennsylvania and West Yorkshire.
Vertical Features VF017.

This release features special 2 cd card packaging by Timothy O'Donnell (4AD) to house the two interlinked albums - Mark Tranmer & Alessandra Celletti * The red pages / Mark Tranmer * How Scarlet The Leaves - with specially designed red belly band to hold the two cds together. Hand numbered by Mark Tranmer. Edition of 100. On Tranmer's own "Vertical Features" label.

The gnac with alessandra celletti * the red pages * double cd package includes:

CD 1: gnac with Alessandra Celletti - The Red Pages

CD 2: Mark Tranmer - How Scarlet The Leaves

This is a hand-numbered limited edition of 100 copies and is available to buy here direct. Please choose a postage option below. Please note that we can only accept payment by PayPal.


The Red Pages

The Struggle: Main Theme [2:14]
The Struggle: Variation One [1:47]
The Struggle: Variation Two [1:20]
The Struggle: Variation Three [0:49]
The Struggle: Variation Four [1:16]
The Lake: Main Theme [5:06]
The Lake: Variation One [2:22]
The Lake: Variation Two [1:43]
Gogol: Main Theme [3:10]
Gogol: Variation One [2:55]
Costume Drama: Main Theme [3:21]
Costume Drama: Variation One [1:42]
Costume Drama: Variation Two [1:37]
Slow Landscape: Main Theme [2:43]
Slow Landscape: Variation One [2:00]
Slow Landscape: Variation Two [1:44]
Slow Landscape: Variation Three [3:31]
Lullaby: Main Theme [1:39]
Lullaby: Variation One [1:24]
Lullaby: Variation Two [2:15]
Lullaby: Variation Three [1:10]
Lullaby: Variation Four [1:13]
As The Fog Thickens: 1 [1:18]
As The Fog Thickens: 2 [1:57]
Halloween [3:54]

How Scarlet The Leaves

How Scarlet The Leaves I [2:54]
Cusp & Brow [3:00]
How Scarlet The Leaves II [0:43]
Seagull Bracket [4:06]
How Scarlet The Leaves III 5:54
Loch [5:51]
Iris [3:46]
Bell [10:06]

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The Red Pages and How Scarlet The Leaves are available to buy as digital downloads via iTunes UK.

Mark Tranmer - How Scarlet The Leaves

The Red Pages

How Scarlet The Leaves
Mark Tranmer - How Scarlet The Leaves

The Red Pages

How Scarlet The Leaves