Mark Tranmer
Mark Tranmer

Mark Tranmer - Claviature (VF1079) | Mark Tranmer

4 pieces. Piano-led instrumentals. Two multi-track and two studio-recorded solo live piano.

CD (VF1079). CD + stamped & numbered flyer. Edition of 50.

10" Clear vinyl + CD + stamped & numbered flyer, with hand-written track list. (VF1079SE). Edition of 25.

Artwork by Timothy O'Donnell.

Released 10 February 2018.


Ritorno a Rione Monti (For A. Celletti)
Another Friend Sleeping

Claviature - Bandcamp

Vinyl and digital download available to buy via Bandcamp.

Mark Tranmer - Claviature (VF007)
Mark Tranmer - Claviature (VF007)