Mark Tranmer
Mark Tranmer

The Message in Mint / Bu-bu-bu-bu | Wingdisk | Mark Tranmer

Wingdisk - "Message in Mint" Cucumber Concubine - "Bu-bu-bu-bu"
Label: If Any If 001
Released: 12 July 2018

Side 1: Wingdisk - "The Message in Mint" (Tranmer/Masters/Terako)

Mark Tranmer: Piano, Bassoon, Organ, Drums.
Ian Masters: Lead & Backing vocals, Hand-Bells, Tsunami, Electric-Piano.
Terako Terao: Upright Bass, Textures.
Jay Judge: Saxophone.
Piano recorded live at Fu Kang Lu Keyboard and Music School, Tianjin, China.

Additional instruments and vocals recorded at Forbidden Planet and Terakote Lab, Osaka, Japan. Additional instruments recorded, track mixed in Stirling, Scotland.
Mastered by Terako Terao.

"Prior to most people having the internet in their pocket, Ian, Mark and other friends were planning to meet in a London pub. We had arrived at the pub early, and discovered to our disappointment that the pub was not open that day. How to convey to those friends arriving later that we had moved to another pub nearby, but hidden away in a different street? The answer proposed by Ian was to use an extra-strong mint to write a message on the pavement outside the original meeting place. Don’t recall if it worked, but years later it seemed a good idea from which to propose a song title."

Side A: Cucumber Concubine "Bu-bu-bu-bu"

A1 "Bu-bu-bu-bu" (Masters/Tranmer/Terako/Judge)
A2 "Bu-bu-bu-bu Terako Terao Remodeling" (Masters/Terako/Judge)
A3 "Bu-bu-bu-bu ringtone" (Masters)

Ian Masters: Vocals, Organ, Drums & Percussion. Terako Terao : Upright Bass.
Mark Tranmer: Jazz & Miaow Guitars, Door.
Jay Judge: Saxophone.
Recorded & Mixed at Forbidden Planet and Terakote Lab Osaka, Japan. Mastered by Terako Terao.

"A present given to me by Kasharahagahan, the Japanese god of hangover ideas. Louis Armstrong meets Piero Umiliani. They become good friends."

Recorded in China, Japan and Scotland in 2017/18.

All artwork by Cailan Burns :

The Message in Mint / Bu-bu-bu-bu - Bandcamp

7-inch single and digital download available to buy via Bandcamp.

Wingdisk Cucumber Concubine split single
Wingdisk Cucumber Concubine split single