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The Montgolfier Brothers recorded the first album 'Seventeen Stars' in 1998, and released it in Spring 1999 on Vespertine records. Touring in Europe followed.

Seventeen Stars was re-released on Alan McGee's post-Creation label Poptones in 2000. Gigs in the UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Japan followed, now featuring Otto Smart as an extra guitarist. A second album, 'The World is Flat' was recorded in 2001, and released on CD via Poptones in 2002.

A third album was written and recorded in late 2004/early 2005. Its release was preceded by the 'Journey's end' EP in October 2005 on Vespertine & son. This is an enhanced cd with 4 songs and 2 videos; one for 'Journey's End' and another for the instrumental 'Operation Faff', which appeared as an extra track on the Japanese CD release of the second Montgolfier Brothers album, 'The World is Flat'. The third album 'All My Bad Thoughts' appeared as a CD release on Vespertine & son later in 2005. Gigs and tours followed including an extensive tour of Spain, as well as appearances on Spanish radio and television, and dates in Denmark and Sweden. Gigs have continued sporadically ever since and the band were invited to play the Moscow International Book Festival in June 2009, for which they performed as a 4-piece with Sophia Lockwood on cello.

As well as working together in the Montgolfier brothers, Roger and Mark both have solo projects. Roger initially released records as Quigley, before adopting the new name 'At swim two birds'. The new At Swim Two Birds album 'Before You Left' will be released on Vespertine & Son on September 14th 2009, featuring contributions by Sophia and Otto alongside Roger.

Mark used to record as gnac, and has released several albums under this name. In 2010 mark went to Rome to record a new album with Italian classical pianist, Alessandra Celletti. The album, Mark Tranmer & Alessandra Celletti, 'The Red Pages' is now available in a variety of formats, including a double CD with follow up album How Scarlet The Leaves (2012).

Otto Smart has recorded as 'The Otto Show', and has released albums on Vespertine & son and Annika records of Spain.

The Montgolfier Brothers - 17

The Montgolfier Brothers - Seventeen Stars
How Scarlet The Leaves

The Montgolfier Brothers - Seventeen Stars