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Ian Masters (Pale Saints / Friendly Science) and Mark Tranmer met, in a musical sense, when they both contributed tracks to the 21-track instrumental compilation, "An Evening in The Company of the Vespertine". A mutual liking of the respective tracks led to the idea of a musical collaboration.

gnac played in Camden probably in early 1999, and we asked Ian to support on saws; and though he brought a big bag of saws he did not have the right lead/jack to amplify them appropriately and so that support slot never happened. Nevertheless, Ian and Mark began working on tracks in Tooting Bec with no firm plans to put anything out.

Soon after that, Ian moved to Osaka. In April 2001, The Montgolfier Brothers played two gigs in Tokyo and having visited Japan for the first time to play those gigs, Mark was keen to return. Ian was then approached by French label Isonauta to make a 10" ep (which later appeared in 2003 on black vinyl with a cut-out 10" sleeve), and hence Mark travelled to Osaka in 2002 to work on the music. Some had originated in the Tooting Bec sessions and others were written in Osaka. Ian's house was right next to a major railway line and on "Tachibana Lament", the trains passing are audible in places; that track was recorded live on a classical guitar with an almost impossible to play thick neck and high action, and a more manageable ukulele.

In 2017 Mark again travelled to Osaka with the idea of working on a split single: the idea here being that Ian directed one side - as Cucumber Concubine - and Mark - as Wingdisk - the other. Having recorded some initial ideas elsewhere, Wingdisk went to Terako Terao's home studio, where the tracks were developed, and additional bass, guitar, vocals and other things were added. Terako then mastered the single, which was released on green vinyl in July 2018 on the IF ANY label; a joint self release by Ian and Mark.

Release Details

Time is Running Out is available via Bandcamp as a digital download comprising the original 4-track E.P. (including all inter-song samples), plus five additional tracks; some recorded at the same session, a few at later sessions.

Prior to most people having the internet in their pocket, Ian, Mark and other friends were planning to meet in a London pub. We had arrived at the pub early, and discovered to our disappointment that the pub was not open that day. How to convey to those friends arriving later that we had moved to another pub nearby, but hidden away in a different street? The answer proposed by Ian was to use an extra-strong mint to write a message on the pavement outside the original meeting place. Don't recall if it worked, but years later it seemed a good idea from which to propose a song title.

And thus, 'The Message in Mint', the second release by Wingdisk (as one half of a split single), was born.

Wingdisk Cucumber Concubine split single

Wingdisk Cucumber Concubine split single

Wingdisk - Time Is Running Out